Screenshot of PixVis Video Dubber

PixVis Video Dubber

Automatic dubbing generator for videos

  • Easily convert any subtitles in SRT file into an audio dubbing.
  • Supports Windows SAPI and Google TTS (Text-to-speech) for natural-sounding speech
  • You can choose 4 different voices for different persons.
  • Supports many different languages
  • Automatically optimizes subtitle timing for better experience
  • Automatically speeds up speech in captions with long text in a short time
  • Allows you to reduce the volume of the original voices and reduce the original audio volume only when speech is present for maximum preservation of other sounds in video.
  • Windows SAPI is processed offline on your computer without the need for an internet connection or uploading to the cloud.
  • Google TTS* needs an internet connection and a Google account.
  • No subscription or monthly fees. This is one time payment software.

Available for Windows, x64 Portable version.

Screenshot of PixVis Subtitler

PixVis Subtitler

Edit subtitles for video with AI functions

  • Automatically recognize speech in different languages
  • Automatically generate subtitles with just one click
  • Automatically sync misaligned subtitles to audio
  • Easily translate subtitles to different languages
  • Optimize subtitle timing for better experience
  • Spell checking available for different languages
  • User-friendly drag & drop interface
  • Audio spectrum available for easier editing
  • Burn subtitles in video

PixVis Subtitler comes in three editions

We offer FREE version, PRO version and MAX version. Compare the different editions.

Available for Windows, x64 Portable version.

Screenshot of Circuito

PixVis Circuito

Generate images of electronic circuits

The application can generate images of electronic circuits by any mask or by typed text.

Export circuits in bitmap PNG or in SVG vector format

You can change colors, thickness and appearance of wires, add microchips, infuence direction of wires and more.

Rendered images of electronic circuits can be exported in PNG format. You can export even several layers and later edit layer in Adobe Photoshop. Or export circuits in SVG vector format. Circuits in vector format can be edited in Adobe Illustrator and similar software.

Available for Windows, x64 Portable version.

Screenshot of ScreenScope

PixVis ScreenScope

A vectorscope utility for easy color grading

Analyze anything on your desktop. Select and capture any region of screen in real-time.

Find perfect color combinations

Tools for finding color harmony: complementary, analogous or triadic colors directly in the vectorscope.

Switch between open applications, the Screenscope remember region for each application.
Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects and more.

Available for Windows, x64 Portable version.

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