How to set up Google account to use text-to-speech (TTS) voices

Google offers a whole range of different text-to-speech voices in different languages as cloud service.

The PixVis Video Dubber converts text to speech just before playing the caption. It invokes Google cloud service to get the audio stream.

Currently, Google offers this service for 1 million characters of Wavenet voices and for 4 million characters of Standard voices each month for free.

Higher volumes may incur fees. See the price list for more information:

Step 1: Create a Google Cloud Account

  1. Open Google Cloud console in a browser.
  2. When prompted to sign in, create a new account by clicking Create account.
  3. Follow the instructions to register your email address as a Google account. Alternatively, you can use a Gmail account or other Google account.
  4. Continue to the Google Cloud console and accept the Google Cloud Platform terms presented.

Step 2: Create a Google Cloud Project

Once your Google Cloud account is active, go the Google Cloud Console and:

1. Create a new project with an appropriate name, e.g. "VideoDubber", and then click on CREATE.

Create a new Google Cloud Project

2. Go to Menu > Billing and link a credit card or similar to the project.

Set up billing in Google Cloud Project

3. Go to Menu > APIs & Services > Enabled APIs & services.

Go to Enabled APIs & services



5. In API Library search for "text-to-speech".

Search for text-to-speech

6. Click on Cloud Text-to-Speech API service in API list.

Click on Cloud Text-to-Speech service

7. Click on ENABLE button to enable Text-to-Speech service.

Click on ENABLE button

8. To create a service account, so the PixVis Video Dubber app can authenticate with Google Cloud and use this project, go to the Menu > IAM & Admin > Service Accounts.

Go to Service accounts



10. Fill in the service account details with appropriate values and click on CREATE AND CONTINUE.

Fill in the service account details

11. Wait for the account to be created and then click on DONE button.

Click DONE button

12. In the new row containing the service account details, click the 3 dots on the right side and select Manage keys.

Select Manage keys

13. Select ADD KEY and then Create new key.

Click on Create new key

14. Select JSON and click CREATE to download a JSON file to your computer.

Select JSON and click create

15. The credentials JSON file will be saved to your computer in Downloads folder. You need this file to configure PixVis Video Dubber application.

JSON file is saved to your computer

Step 3: Import JSON file in PixVis Video Dubber

  1. Start the PixVis Video Dubber application.
  2. Click on Settings button in toolbar.
  3. Click on Select credentials JSON file in settings window.
  4. Select downloaded JSON file and click Open.
  5. Click Save in settings window.
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