Speech recognition models for PixVis Subtitler PRO MAX

On this page you can download speech recognition models for PixVis Subtitler application.

LanguageLicenseFile sizeDownload link
EnglishApache 2.038.8 MBDOWNLOAD
English 0.22 lgraph (better quality)Apache 2.0123 MBDOWNLOAD
GermanApache 2.043.7 MBDOWNLOAD
FrenchApache 2.039.8 MBDOWNLOAD
ItalianApache 2.032.3 MBDOWNLOAD
SpanishApache 2.032.5 MBDOWNLOAD
PortugueseApache 2.030.6 MBDOWNLOAD
RussianApache 2.043.6 MBDOWNLOAD
ChineseApache 2.031.3 MBDOWNLOAD
JapaneseApache 2.046.6 MBDOWNLOAD
TurkishApache 2.034.7 MBDOWNLOAD
UkrainianApache 2.072.9 MBDOWNLOAD
VietnameseApache 2.031.7 MBDOWNLOAD

You can download more models at https://alphacephei.com/vosk/models

Model installation instructions for PixVis Subtitler PRO MAX

  1. Make sure PixVis Subtitler application is closed
  2. Download ZIP file of speech recognition model (eg "speech_model_de.zip")
  3. Extract downloaded ZIP file
  4. Copy extracted directory (eg "de") to PixVis installation directory ("PixVis Subtitler/tools/models/de")
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